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Opening Weekend

Take some time to get your site back together after the long winter. It’s your opportunity to meet up with old friends and meet new ones.

Camp Clean-up

The winter does some damage to the campground. We ask our seasonals to help get things back in order this weekend. Saturday afternoon we will have a number of projects to get done that we could use your help on. Anyone who helps will get treated to pizza dinner!

Murder Mystery Weekend

Totally eighties, totally murder — murder backstage. Bring your favorite eighties outfit to our who done it complete with murder, betrayal, for your nerves. It’s gonna be a killer weekend!

Cinco de Mayo

We know we’re late for celebrating but what the hell. We never turn down a chance to party. Saturday at dinner bring a chili dish for a chili pot luck. Saturday night at the club there will be Margharita’s and nachos

Zombie Apocalypse

If you're looking for brains this is not the best place to find them. Nevertheless, the Zombies will be out in force at Club “O”. Dress up and join in on the fun!

Steampunk Weekend

Saturday night it’s a steampunk party. Dress up in your best steampunk outfit and dance in the club that’s been especially decorated for this weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend

This is usually the biggest weekend of the year. The annual Srta. Colombia Oneida competition gets underway on Saturday with the swimsuit competition. Saturday night there is a party at the Club and then on Sunday, we have the main event....The pageant!

Mardi Gras Weekend

Saturday join us for a Mardi Gras Party. There will be food and drink and plenty of beads...but you need to earn them!

Rainbows and Cocktails/Up Your Kilt

Let your queerness out on this special pride weekend. Most prides this year are virtual. Ours is actual! Bring a kilt with you for our Up your Kilt event where there will be plenty of company and liquor.

Illumination & Golf Cart Parade

This is Oneida’s own pride celebration. Set up luminaries around your site and the road adjoining it and get your golf cart decorated and join in on the fun.

Madonna Weekend

Saturday night it’s all about Madonna. Wear clothing reminiscent of Madonna and dance the night away to a great selection of Madonna Music.

Fourth of July

Fourth of July at Oneida is a great time. Enjoy a Pina Colada party, a fireworks party, and fireworks this weekend. If you have vacation time coming to you check our rates for a week-long stay the weekend before or after the 4th of July and enjoy our pool and facilities for an entire week....

Woodstock/Miss Oneida Pageant

On Saturday afternoon come to the field and join in on a mass tie-dying party. Bring a t-shirt with you to dye. On Saturday night it’s time for the main event, the Miss Oneida Competition. Either compete or root for your favorite contestant. For Miss Oneida Application Click here

Christmas in July

It’s time to celebrate Christmas in warm weather. Bring an unwrapped gift for local children at Christmas time. There will be plenty of decorations, Christmas music, and food and drink. Come enjoy the yuletide!

Latin Pride Weekend

This weekend enjoy everything that is Latin. There will be food, drink, dancing, and lots of hot Latin men. This will be a great weekend!

Bollywood Weekend

Enjoy a West Indian Carnival and a Bollywood Party. There will be food and liquor reminiscent of the islands and plenty of island boys and girls.

Cindy “O” Drag Race

Not a race at all, in fact it takes a few hours to travel the 1 mile course. Over the length of the course there are a number of “refreshment” stations. Those of you who can still stand up at the end of the race can compete for the coveted title of Miss Campy “O”.

Secret Garden of Eve

Most of the time the majority of our guests are male. As a result, most of the activities are aimed at men. This weekend is a special weekend aimed at our sisters! Men are also welcome! Come and enjoy a great time and meet some new friends.

Bear Hunt Weekend

This is our big bear event with a Meet and Greet, cocktail party, Bear B.Q. and more. Join us for this celebration of fur and those who love it. Your hosts are Stephen and Ray,

Underwear Party/Toga Party Weekend

Friday night wear your best skivvies to the Club. There will be prizes for the best undies and the most original undies Saturday night come to the club in a toga and dance the night away. A lot like National Lampoon’s Toga Party including free beer!

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial end of summer. Take advantage of this last full weekend of summer. Friday night there is a glow stick party at the club. Saturday afternoon there is our annual Kenducky Derby. Sunday spend the day at the pool or just hang out with friends...both new and old.

Fetish Weekend

This is a weekend for a little kink. Whether you’re into leather, feet, uniforms, pick the fetish and feel free to enjoy it this weekend. There will be food, liquor, and lots of camaraderie. See you there! Your hosts are Ricky and Ryan.

White Party

Saturday night at the Club dress in white and enjoy a good old-fashioned white party. Dance to the music of the 70s and 80s and compete for prizes including best buns and best whitewear.


This is a huge weekend for us. It is our annual “Halloween” Party. Get into costume and vie for prizes while drinking liquor provided by our seasonals! If all works out there will also be hayrides through the campground. The pool and cafe close down this weekend so get your fill of these while you...

Spaghetti Dinner

Each year we hold a spaghetti and meatball dinner for the benefit of our local EMS and Fire Squad. Suggested donation is $10 per person although we are glad to accept more.

Closing and Thanksgiving

All good things must come to an end and camp is no exception. The camp closes at 6 p.m. on October 11. Saturday night we will have our annual Thanksgiving Dinner and will give out camp awards. The dinner is free for seasonal campers and there is a charge of $12 for all others.

Opening Weekend

Take some time to welcome old friends and make some new ones. Take some time to open up your site and don't forget the Club!

Camp Clean-up

The winter isn't always very kind to the campground. Give us 3 hours this weekend to help clean things up and take care of some projects that haven't gotten done and we'll treat you to a pizza dinner!

Pajama Party

Wear what you normally wear to bed to the Club on Saturday night. If you sleep in the nude you might want to bring a warm bathrobe with you--after all, it's still April!

Cinco de Mayo

This is a couple of days off, but screw it! On Saturday night come to Club "O" for nachos and Margaritas.

Flea Market Weekend

They say that one man's junk is another man's treasure. Spend Saturday afternoon finding treasures or getting rid of junk.

Moonshine Party

Homemade moonshine makes a great cocktail. Jay and Rick on site 94 make it and they're hosting a party to celebrate it. (really just a reason to get loaded!)

Memorial Day Weekend/Srta. Colombia Oneida Weekend

This is the biggest weekend of the season. The first unofficial weekend of summer. The Srta. Colombia Oneida Pageant will be taking place with swimwear competition on Saturday Afternoon and then on Sunday night is the culmination ending with the crowning of three new queens!

Chili Potluck/Coming Out Party

Saturday afternoon in the pavillion behind Club "O", bring a pot of chili to share. At night come to the club dressed up as a debutante or her escort. Prize for the best costume.

Illumination and Golf Cart Parade

This is a long time Oneida tradition. Luminaries will cover the sides of the roads and at 9 p.m. the golf cart parade will begin. Decorated golf carts are a hoot with some phenomenal themes.

Fetish Weekend

Unleash your inner fantasies! There are tons of different fetishes and this is your time to explore. There will be demonstrations provided, and there will be plenty of food and booze.

Gay Icon Weekend: Cher

Every gay boy grows up with heroes. Cher is one of them. Saturday night at Club "O" dance to the music of Cher and participate in a costume contest. There will be prizes for the best and most original costumes.

Fourth of July Weekend

This is a three day weekend. There will be plenty to do this weekend. A Pina Colada party will be held on Saturday afternoon. Saturday night there is a camp show and on Sunday there is a fireworks party followed by a fireworks show!

Bear weekend

This weekend is devoted to the hirsute and the men who appreciate them. The festivities start on Friday night with a meet and greet. On Saturday there will be a cocktail party with munchies. If you've been to any of our bear weekends in the

Fun in the Sun / Country Western / White Party Weekend

Hopefully it won't rain! OSCO Oneida cancelled its Mr. Colombia Oneida weekend so there's a substitute. Friday there will be a white party at the at the Club. Dress in your nicest white outfits there will be prizes for the best and most original white wear. Saturday afternoon there will be a pool party at...

Christmas in July

Christmas in July is another long standing Oneida tradition. Bring an unwrapped toy to put under the tree. These will be given to local children in the area at Christmas time.

I Love Latin

For those who are Latin or love Latins, this is your weekend. There will be activities at the pool on Saturday afternoon followed by Dinner and an open bar! Don't miss this weekend!

Miss Oneida Pageant

Another long standing tradition at Oneida is the Miss Oneida competition. Saturday night is the competition. Either participate in the competition or come and cheer your favorite performer on! Print Application. Click on link below.

Trinidad Carnival

Come enjoy a great Carnival parade along with a dinner and open bar. There will be contests for the best costume. Saturday night at Club "O" dance to music from the West Indies at our Bollywood Party.

Cindy “O” Drag Race

More like a pub crawl than a race. Put on your best frock Saturday afternoon and walk to mile around the campground stopping at a variety of liquid refreshment stations. Those who manage to finish can take part in the Miss Campy "O" competition.

Women’s Weekend

Most weekends men outnumber women by a huge amount. This weekend we are concentrating on the women. There will be a variety of activities to be announced.

Labor Day Weekend

This is a three day weekend. The weekend starts off on Friday with a Glow Stick Party at Club "O". On Saturday there will be camp comedy and variety show. On Sunday, there will be a

Uniform/Levi-Leather Weekend

Whether you're into leather or uniforms or just like the way they look wear them to the Club on Saturday night and dance the night away. The uniform can be a work uniform, or a sports uniform. Anything from a police uniform to a french maid!

Mardi Gras!

Not exactly the right time of year for "Fat Tuesday" but we can make believe. There will be plenty of food and drink and beads. Try to earn them!


This year the theme is Jack-O-Lanterns. Bring a Jack-O-Lantern to the Club on Saturday afternoon for decorating the Club. There will be prizes for the best Jack O Lanterns. There will be hayrides, prizes for the best costumes and plenty of booze!

Spaghetti Dinner

The café is closed so here's an alternative. Every year Oneida runs a charity all you can eat spaghetti and meatball dinner. The suggested donation is $10 but we will gladly accept more! The beneficiary of the meal is the Columbia Hose Company our local volunteer fire department and Emergency Squad.

Thanksgiving and Closing Weekend

All good things must end and camp is no exception. On Saturday night come to a Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings, followed by our annual camp awards. The campground closes at 6 p.m. on Monday!

Campground Opening

Opening Day gives campers the chance to clean up after the long winter. The disco will be open Friday and Saturday nights. Take this opportunity to meet up with old friends and make some new ones.

Camp Clean-up

Winter causes lots of problems at the campground that can’t be taken care of with snow on the ground. Join the staff in tackling some of these jobs and you’ll get a free pizza dinner.

Uniform/Leather-Levi Weekend

This is a weekend for those who are into leather or uniforms of any kind Come to the disco Saturday night dressed in your best leathers or a uniform of any kind-sports, military, or even a French maid if that’s what you’re into!

70’s Party / Oneida Legends Potluck

Saturday night dance to the sounds of the 70s. Disco at its finest! Saturday afternoon we celebrate and commemorate 18 years of Ron & Tony's dedication to the Oneida Community with a potluck buffet.  

Country Western Weekend

Saturday is going to be a busy one! Saturday evening go to our annual chili cook-off at site 84 then mosey on over to site 94 for a moonshine party. After that stop by the Club for Line Dancing and Texas two steppin’.

Memorial Day/ Srta Colombia Oneida

Enjoy our busiest weekend of the year with the Srta Colombia Oneida competition. Either compete or cheer on your favorite candidate!

Dead Celebrities Weekend

Saturday night at Club O dress up as your favorite dead celebrity! There will be prizes for the best costumes.