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Camp Clean-up

🌿 Join us for Camp Clean-Up Weekend! Contribute to preserving nature's beauty. We will be serving free pizza, and dancing at the disco. As we make a positive impact together. 🌍🧤

Bridgerton Weekend

Oneida Campground & Lodge transforms into a Regency-era retreat, hosting a charming event reminiscent of the Regency period. Immerse yourself in the elegance of the past with period costumes, dance, and refined activities. Experience the allure of a bygone era amidst the campground's natural beauty for a unique and delightful historical escape.

Cinco De Mayo

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Oneida Campground & Lodge, where festivities come alive with vibrant colors, Mexican cuisine, and lively music. Join the joyous atmosphere, savor authentic flavors, and partake in cultural activities, creating a memorable experience that blends the spirit of the holiday with the beauty of the campground setting. 

I love the 90’s

Transport to the 90s at Oneida Campground & Lodge's lively party. Groove to iconic tunes, don retro attire, and relive the vibrant spirit of the decade. With themed decorations and nostalgia-inducing activities, it's a blast from the past amidst the campground's scenic backdrop, ensuring a fun and memorable 90s-inspired celebration.

Family & Friends Weekend

Embrace togetherness at Oneida Campground & Lodge's Family & Friends weekend. Share laughter around the campfire, engage in outdoor adventures, and create lasting memories. With spacious accommodations, diverse activities, and a warm atmosphere, it's the perfect retreat for bonding and enjoying quality time with loved ones in a scenic setting. *** Clothing is required for...

Memorial Day Weekend/ Srta. Colombia Oneida

Oneida Campground & Lodge commemorates Memorial Day with the dazzling Senorita Colombia Pageant presented by OSCCO Oneida. This Memorial Day weekend will not only be our busiest weekend, but it promises a meaningful blend and lively celebration in a picturesque campground setting as we immerse in vibrant showcase of elegance and talent in Colombian cultural...

Leather Levi & Piggie Weekend

Oneida Campground & Lodge hosts a lively Leather, Levi & Piggie event, embracing diversity and community. Celebrate individuality with themed attire, music, and camaraderie. This inclusive gathering fosters a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can express themselves freely amidst the campground's scenic backdrop, creating unforgettable memories of acceptance and fun.

Illumination weekend/Pride weekend

At Oneida Campground & Lodge, Illumination and Pride weekend intertwine in a celebration of love and remembrance. Commemorate departed friends while embracing the vibrant spirit of pride. This unique event combines reflection with joyful expression, fostering a sense of unity and acceptance in the serene campground surroundings.

Gay Icon Weekend: Donna Summer

Celebrate the legendary Donna Summer at Oneida Campground & Lodge's Gay Icon weekend. Indulge in the disco era's glamour and groove to timeless hits. Embracing a vibrant tribute to a gay icon, blending music, joy, and an unforgettable celebration.

Bear Run

This lively event is dedicated to the hirsute and those who adore them. Whether you are an otter, cub or goldilocks, looking for a bear hug this bear bar is for you. Enjoy themed events, socializing, and camaraderie within the bear community.

Mediterrian Weekend

Embark on a Mediterranean escape. Savor the flavors of the region, indulge in cultural activities, and bask in a relaxed ambiance. With themed events and scenic surroundings, it's a delightful journey into Mediterranean charm, creating a memorable weekend retreat.

Fourth of July/ Mr. Oneida

Celebrate freedom at Oneida Campground & Lodge's Fourth of July Weekend. Enjoy patriotic festivities, fireworks, and the dazzling Mister Oneida pageant. Witness charisma and talent as contestants vie for the crown in a spirited competition. This weekend promises a perfect blend of Independence Day joy and entertaining pageantry in the campground's scenic setting.

Christmas in July

Experience festive magic at the Christmas in July Weekend. Embrace holiday spirit with decorations, themed activities, and a visit from Santa. Amidst summer's warmth, create cherished memories, enjoying the unique blend of Yuletide joy and the campground's scenic beauty for a Christmas celebration unlike any other. Please bring an unwrapped child’s toy to put under...

Woman’s Weekend

Unite at Oneida Campground & Lodge's Women's Weekend with the dynamic 2nd Annual Drag King Pageant and the stylish 1st Annual Black Party. Empowerment, entertainment, and glamour collide for a weekend of sisterhood, fabulous drag performances, and a chic celebration creating unforgettable memories.

Latin Pride Weekend

Indulge in a feast for the senses at Latin Pride Weekend. Savor diverse cuisines, dance to vibrant music, and revel in cultural festivities. This event fosters a sense of unity creating a weekend filled with delicious flavors, lively rhythms, and shared joy.

Fetish Weekend

Indulge in the bold and expressive Fetish Weekend. Explore unique expressions of identity, participate in themed events. This gathering fosters connections amidst the diverse identities, creating a weekend of liberation, self-expression, bold self-discovery, and shared experiences.

Cindy O Drag Race

The Cindy O Drag Race at Oneida Campground & Lodge is a laughter-filled extravaganza. Combining drag artistry with humor, contestants compete for the crown in a comedic spectacle. This event adds a hilarious twist to the campground's atmosphere, ensuring a side-splitting and entertaining experience for all.

Foam Party

Make a splash at Oneida Campground & Lodge's Foam Party Weekend. Dive into an exhilarating experience of music, foam, and fun. This lively event transforms the campground into a foam-filled haven, creating an unforgettable weekend of laughter, dancing, and shared joy in a uniquely immersive atmosphere.

Country Western Weekend

Saddle up for a rootin'-tootin' good time at Oneida Campground & Lodge's Country Western Weekend. Dust off your boots and enjoy themed activities, music, and a welcoming atmosphere. This event brings the spirit of the Wild West to the campground, creating a weekend filled with country charm and camaraderie.

Labor Day/ Miss Oneida

Celebrate Labor Day Weekend at Oneida Campground & Lodge with a dazzling highlight—the Miss Oneida Pageant. Witness elegance, talent, and charisma as contestants vie for the crown. This event combines the joy of the holiday with a glamorous pageant, ensuring a memorable weekend of festivities and entertainment in the scenic campground setting.

Comic Con Weekend

Geek out at Oneida Campground & Lodge's Comic Con Weekend. Immerse yourself in a world of fandom with cosplay, themed events, and comic-inspired activities. This event celebrates the spirit of comics and pop culture in a vibrant atmosphere, creating a weekend filled with creativity, camaraderie, and shared passion.

Uppy & Riverdog’s Pig Roast

Join the festivities at the Uppy & Riverdog Pig Roast at Oneida Campground & Lodge. Celebrate numerous milestones in their journey with a delicious roast, music, and a joyful atmosphere. This event marks the achievements of Uppy and Riverdog, creating a memorable weekend filled with gratitude, laughter, and shared milestones.

Chicago Dog Weekend

Savor the flavors of the Windy City at Oneida Campground & Lodge's Chicago Dog Weekend. Indulge in iconic Chicago-style hot dogs, themed events, and a festive atmosphere. This delicious and lively weekend celebration brings the spirit of Chicago to the campground, ensuring a tasty and memorable experience for all.

Mardi Gras

Laissez les bon temps rouler at Oneida Campground & Lodge's Mardi Gras Weekend. Immerse yourself in the vibrant festivities with colorful parades, music, and themed events. This lively celebration brings the spirit of New Orleans to the campground, ensuring a weekend filled with joy, revelry, and shared Mardi Gras magic.

Masquerade Weekend

Step into mystery and allure at Oneida Campground & Lodge's Masquerade Weekend. Revel in elegance with masked festivities, live music, and a touch of enchantment. This event transforms the campground into a masked ball, creating a weekend of sophistication, intrigue, and shared moments of masquerade magic.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Feast on joy and flavors at Oneida Campground & Lodge's Thanksgiving Festive Food celebration. Indulge in a scrumptious feast, themed culinary delights, and a warm, communal atmosphere. This event brings the essence of Thanksgiving to the campground, creating a weekend filled with delectable delights and shared moments of culinary celebration.

Employee Appreciation Weekend

Show gratitude at Oneida Campground & Lodge's Employee Appreciation Weekend. Celebrate dedicated staff with recognition and creating a weekend of appreciation, camaraderie, and shared moments of gratitude for the hardworking team.

Closing Weekend

" It's Closing Time" Bid farewell to the season at Oneida Campground & Lodge's Closing Weekend. Enjoy final festivities, and a nostalgic atmosphere. while this weekend marks the end of the season and as we wave goodbye, don't you cry, we'll be back again next spring.